What’s our Story

The inspiration for starting the company came from a simple idea. It is what still drives this company forward to this day and the many years to come. "Passion for Fashion" quoted by our very own President and General Manager. We saw potential in the manufacturing of world class quality swimwear at the right price in the Philippines.

Initially we found out about this garment company that was closing down here and was planning to transfer to Cambodia, knowing that our friends, a few number of Filipino workers would be displaced and would be losing their livelihood it was our heartfelt decision to start our own small enterprise to give back to them what they were so passionate about. It wasn't easy being the only company taking swimwear manufacturing seriously here in the Philippines, to start with but now, fast forward 7 years, seeing that the company grew, we knew we made the right decision, of course we made a few mistakes along the way but it only made us smarter, and our swimwear better.

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